My name is Clarence Charron, and I run a boutique music marketing agency based in Ottawa, Canada, called Pop of Colour.

You know how theatre actors wear stage makeup in order to enhance their facial features for a larger audience? I do that with musicians’ personalities. I work with artists to augment their best traits for a crowd, may it be onstage, online, or anywhere they need to make a connection. It’s a delicate art, to be able to know where the sweet spot is, before overdoing it and descending into a parody of oneself, or accidentally being caged into a 2D role that doesn’t allow the versatility of emotions and framing that comes with real, authentic art. 

“Clarence” is Latin for “bright and colourful,” which is an accurate description of myself. I talk about the music business in a down-to-earth, bubbly and kind way, strongly holding the belief that artists should be empowered with knowledge to make the best choices for a long career of impacting fans through their music - may they be signed or independent.

I started out a country-folk artist, and was fortunate to discover early on that I would rather cheer loudly from the VIP area than be onstage. I get far more fulfilment out of being at the service of the community I built. Making fans feel special is a cornerstone to my philosophy as an entrepreneur in the music business.

Some of my work has been with former boyband members with Platinum Records, a Top 10 Folk artist, music software companies from Silicone Valley and beyond, a world music artist who has carried the ceremonial torch for two different Olympic games, Cyber PR, music schools, and countless independent artists who I send handwritten birthday cards to annually.

I have a diploma from Algonquin College in Music Industry Arts, where I studied audio engineering, acoustical physics, and won the Music Business Builder award in its first year of being given… All while managing a downtown luxury shoe store and starting my own company at age 19. The College called me up and invited me to teach Music Business Management three months after my final exam. This is where I first discovered that sharing my knowledge and experiences in the music business in spoken word is an exhilarating experience. I’ve since spoken on a music conference panel and hosted a few radio specials.

Pop of Colour has a weekly Late Night Show, that premieres Mondays at 9pm EST on Facebook Live. During the 30 minute episodes, I talk about music industry news (social media updates, streaming stats, etc) that is relevant to my viewers, independent artists, and then host a keynote or virtual workshop. The show has has episodes sponsored by DAVIDsTEA, Shubb Capos, and Eastman Guitars & Mandolins so far. Pop of Colour also publishes (almost) weekly blog articles. 

If you’d like to book a virtual coffee or any artist service, keep up with my journey in building this company, or just want to say hi, don’t ever hesitate to reach out.